23 Avr 2020

Possible coronavirus drug - Team of Prof. Jörg Huwyler, University of Basel, produces generic medication

Hydroxychloroquine has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and antiviral effects and is used, inter alia, for the treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases. There are hopes that the drug might have a positive effect on the treatment of Covid-19.

To overcome a supply bottleneck, a team of Prof. Jörg Huwyler’s Pharmaceutical Technology Group led by Dr. Maxim Puchkov at the University of Basel has developed a generic medication and meanwhile produced an initial batch of 4000 tablets. According to Prof. Huwyler, hydroxychloroquine is already being used experimentally in Switzerland to treat hospitalized patients with severe cases of Covid-19. However, given the limited availability and the risk of serious side effects, doctors have been very reluctant to prescribe the drug.

The production protocols will soon be made freely available in the form of a scientific publication. Prof. Huwyler’s group is affiliated with the SCAHT and has participated in a number of SCAHT research projects as well as in a SCAHT-led contribution to the Horizon 2020 project NanoReg2.

Further information can be found in the newsletter article of the University of Basel.