4 Mar 2021

New OECD guidance: Identifying and selecting safer chemical alternatives

OECD guidance on hazard and exposure assessment and evaluating trade-offs, including case studies.

15 Fév 2021

EUROoC - Organ-On-Chip and the 3R: A virtual lab tour in 11 laboratories - Video published

15 PhD students give you a virtual lab tour in 11 laboratories, where  they are working on finding alternatives to reduce animal testing ...

26 Jan 2021

New Research and Education Coordinator for the SCAHT

We would like to welcome Dr Stéphanie Boudon who has joined the SCAHT on 1 January 2021 as Research and Education Coordinator ...

17 Déc 2020

Launch of the new specialty section „Regulatory Toxicology“ in Frontiers in Toxicology

Today saw the launch of a new specialty section of the peer-reviewed open-access journal Frontiers in Toxicology, focusing on regulatory toxicology. Led by Specialty Chief Editor Prof Martin Wilks, the new section strives to be ...

4 Déc 2020

EFSA: "Have your say" - draft opinion on non-monotonic dose-response (NMDR), deadline: 4 February 2021

EFSA scientists’ proposal for an approach to evaluate the possible presence of ‘non-monotonic dose-response’ relationships for chemicals is open for comments ...

26 Nov 2020

Presentation on "BrainSpheres: testing neurotoxicity in human cells" by SCAHT researcher David Pamies

At the annual Swiss Animal Protection (STS) conference, SCAHT researcher David Pamies described the human stem cell-derived BrainSpheres system ...

24 Nov 2020

New opportunity at EFSA: Traineeship Call 2020-2021

For young graduates who want to play an active role in protecting 450 million EU citizens from food-related risks. Application deadline is 8 January 2021.

8 Oct 2020

New for regulatory chemical safety! Overview of Concepts and Available Guidance on OECD Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA)

This overview document is expected to contribute to a common understanding of IATA, by explaining key concepts and providing basic definitions, and to support easier access to existing resources ...

1 Oct 2020

OECD Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA): 8 new case studies

AOP and read-across approaches for propylparaben, caffeine, chlorobenzenes, p-alkylphenols, branched carboxylic acids, methyl hexanoic acid, deguelin, strobilurins ...